Allie + Dan

2022 was the year for backyard weddings over here. And I am so glad! I love the epic and magical adventurous elopements but sometimes it is so nice having the intimate, and small wedding days. To be with just the few and fantastic people you want but no major stress of that large venue or how many you can fit or the worries of who can make the hike. Don't get me wrong, I have so much love and specialize in the more adventure type elopements. We live in Colorado so being able to hike to some of the most gorgeous places is a must in this industry. But those small intimate backyard weddings hold a special place in my heart. I was so happy when Allie & Dan reached out and we began chatting about their vision.

When having a backyard wedding you're in complete control of everything! And we can capture some incredible moments. We'll find a field, an old building, get intimate on a cliffside, or just find us some trees and it will be AMAZING! Allie and Dan were absolutely wonderful! Young love is so sweet and how it should be with us all. They created the cutest and sweetest wedding day. Everywhere you looked there were pieces they had put together to showcase who they are. All the little details were just perfect. Even though it really was about the time together and enjoying that time with their friends and family all the small touches they put into the day made it stand out. Oh and their colors were to die for! Such a gorgeous combination. I loved every piece of the day and was so honored to be there to capture it all.

Here are a few tips so you too can have a great backyard wedding!

  1. You don't have to use your backyard if you don't want to. Consider using a VRBO or rental property of sorts. VRBO has so many options and you can limit your search to include only wedding approved stays. Just be sure to double check with the owners before booking.
  2. You can set the mood with your decor. Whatever your style (rustic chic, boho, elegant...) the decor really sets the tone. Don't forget to check out Pinterest for inspiration!
  3. Rentals, make use of them. Chairs, tables, tents, heaters and many other items often run cheaper to rent then to buy. Colorado offers so many of these vendors to help you out.
  4. It also makes a big difference to separate your ceremony and reception spaces. You'll want the tables set up beforehand even if you have your guests move chairs from the ceremony.
  5. Always consider the season and potential weather. Make a plan of what to do should your weather change last minute on you. When considering your season don't forget to consider your outdoor lighting. There will be a lot more daylight during the summer months. In the winter months something around 2pm works just fine whereas in summer at 2pm you'll be squinty in all your photos.
  6. Talk to your neighbors when planning that backyard wedding. Not so much for permission (especially at your own home), but to be courteous by giving them a heads up. Give them a day of contact just in case an issue arises (not the bride or groom).
  7. Lastly, a few things that get overlooked when planning a backyard wedding that you really don't want to be forgetting.
  • Parking
  • Bathrooms
  • Power
  • Food prep area

I hope these few things help you in your backyard wedding planning!

*Keep an eye out for Allie & Dan's incredible Moab engagement session. It was insanely awesome and I can't believe I haven't blogged about it yet!!!*

"You have got the arms I want to be wrapped in. You have got the eyes I want to get lost in. You have got the smile I can never resist. You have got the voice I want to listen to for hours. I decided on you, I want you and only you."