My baby girl who isn't a baby anymore!

One of the perks for my kids is that mom travels; which means on occasion, they travel! School just let out for summer, (YES!!) so this past week I took my now high school senior on a mom-daughter vacay around Boston. It's not often I get to take her on a trip, especially just the two of us. We bonded, ate some good food, shopped, and took her senior photos for the upcoming school year. Let me tell you when I say this girl can laugh... at her phone, at herself, even at NOTHING. So let's just say we were in for a wild ride!

Skylar and I started the day off in Denver: waking up at 3:30 am with a real quick pitstop in Chicago. We made it to Boston around 2:30 pm (Boston time). I won't complain about how tired we already were because we got upgraded to a 2023 mustang convertible! Nice but terriffied driving it • Safely, we made it to the cutest traveling-styled hotel called Envision Hotel in Everett. Everett is just a suburb of Boston. It wasn't the cleanest part of town but absolutely adorable and so worth it. We decided to just go grab dinner at the Citrus + Salt restaurant. And guys... oh my gosh!!! Sooooo good! It had the cutest atmosphere and the food was AMAZING! My daughter had the steak tacos and I had the fried fish tacos. I don't think you could regret anything you ate here. Oooooh and the drinks, just yes! After dinner and a few quick cell phone shots, we walked it off by heading to the public library. I was amazed at the architecture of it all. It really is stunning.This is also a must-see on your trip to Boston. We did have to ask inside where to go for the oldest part of the library, as the place is so big you can definitely get a little lost. We hopped on over to Eataly's, an Italian supermarket of sorts for some pretty tasty cannolis. Skylar sure seemed to enjoy them. We went with the three sample sizes, you can't go wrong with choices right?!

On our second day, we started it off with the best "mini'" waffle I have ever had at Curio Coffee. We hit up the China Town main gate for a few quick photos and then walked a bit of the Freedom Trail. We ran into Paul Revere's home and while that is pretty neat I'm not much of a history buff. Still cool to see after all these years. Next up, was the Boston Public Market, and while it was not near as big as I had thought it was well worth the stop. We did meet the cutest little artist Laurel Greenfield who gave me the sweetest shoutout on Insta! Look her up! She creates city vibe art and is painting away at the market, probably there now as you read this. If you are a book reader you gotta swing by Brattle Book Shop. Not only is it an adorable little book store, there is an outside part of the store in the alley that I so wish we had gotten photos with but it was raining so all books were covered up.

The Quincy Market was pretty impressive. Full of good food and lots of people. The smells were overwhelming but in a good way. Oh, and the best coffee thus far was from The Well Coffee House. The french toast latte was literally like taking a bite of french toast!! And don't forget to hit up the "Hello Boston", wall art in the entry way of the Primark downtown.

We ended the day by going north to spend the evening in Portland, Maine. The Head lighthouse outside Portland is wonderful. Some of my favorite photos so far! We didn't have much time here, so we just scratched the service but it seemed adorable. Make sure you grab a bite at The Holy Donut. These are made with potatoes and while that sounded weird to me it was worth the stop for sure.

I'll try and finish this up quickly for you. Blue Harbor Coffee in Kittery, Maine was so good so hit that up before you head back to Boston. Bob's Clam Hut for lunch and some really good fish! We got back into Boston and had to see Harvard. You cannot get into any of the libraries so keep that in mind if you were hoping to. Well, you can't get in without a student ID. Harvard is magical. It was never a dream of mine to attend or anything but wow! It's a bit overwhelming actually but you gotta make a stop. We stumbled upon graduation and I recommend against that. After that little walk around we got a quick bite from Pinocchio's, never would have found it without our Harvard student, thanks again, Gav! The pizza was to die for! If you are any kind of baseball fan I suggest checking out Fenway Park. Again, not a big fan personally of baseball but it was a sight worth seeing. Imagine being a fan, Go Red Sox! Lastly, we hit up the Harbor which if walking the whole thing is like 47 miles!!! We hung around the aquarium area with lots of music, food trucks, and gorgeous views.

Our recommendation list condensed:

  1. Citrus + Salt (Mexican restaurant)
  2. Boston Public Library
  3. Eataly's for cannolli
  4. The Well Coffee House
  5. Brattle Book Shop
  6. Hello Boston Sign (located in the Primark)
  7. Quincy Market
  8. Boston Public Market
  9. The Holy Donut
  10. Blue Harbor Coffee Co.
  11. Bob's Clam Hut
  12. The Head Lighthouse
  13. Portland, ME (little drive)
  14. Scoop Deck for ice cream
  15. Harvard
  16. Fenway Park
  17. Boston Harbor