Grand Junction, Colorado


I got a message on a random weekday from one of my nieces, she had a friend who hadn't been able to get her senior photos done yet and was just hoping I could maybe squeeze her in. Last minute is always hard to do when you're photographer and for me personally a mom to five! However, these types of sessions most times turn out to be AMAZING! And sure enough, this one was just that.

Samantha and I went around downtown finding the most random places to stop by and capture just a bit of her fun and fantastic personality. The girl brought it! She was one that came to me and said she was a bit shy and didn't really know how to move... yah right (insert eye roll here). The gal moved with the best of them I tell ya! We were able to capture some great images. She moved so well we got a few of those higher styled pieces and a good mix of those real "this is me" fun loving side.

Those last minute, thrown together, not sure what you're doing things can turn out the be just what your soul needs. So do it! Say yes, get out there and create those memories and capture all that magic.

"You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one."

John Lennon