Bianca + Joey

While most people will think about Las Vegas when you mention Nevada, I personally love to search for all those places outside of it. And believe you me, Nevada has so much more to offer than Las Vegas. So... when I got booked to head towards Las Vegas I did what I always do and got to researching. There are so many gorgeous places in the world and half the fun is looking for them. It's easy with the internet and jumping on social media like Instagram and TikTok. These are great resources when wanting to get an idea of a new place but I always recommend checking them for yourself. I've been to some Instagram-worthy places only to be pretty disappointed.

Before meeting up with Bianca & Joey, I went and did a little exploring. There was this park outside Las Vegas that I wanted to check out. Red Rock Canyon looked like a great spot for this engagement session but again you just never know until you've been there. Much to my delight, it was absolutely beautiful! You can simply drive through the 13-mile scenic route or there are a ton of hikes in just this area. I drove through the whole thing first and then went back through after I decided on which were my personal favorite spots to explore a little more. Once I had the exact areas picked out I message my couple and let them know. When they arrived I was so happy first off with the outfit choices. It's so great when a couple takes your advice and ideas and just runs with them! Bianca did so great making the idea come to life. That romper she has on is soooo cute!!! And it's always fun to throw in a little hat or other accessories as they always add that little extra something to the shoot.

These two lovers were a dream to work with! Sessions always go a little better when the two of you are relaxed and simply enjoy one another while I sit in the background and capture the moments. Don't get me wrong, I'm here to help pose and get you all set up but I'm really just an innocent bystander who is around to stalk you a little lol. Loving on each other just makes the best photos! And these two poured out the love and I'm here for it!

Just a little info for you on the park, in the summers they are open until 8 pm. So for sessions, it is a great place to capture that really great sunset light while also using the canyons and red rocks for shade if needed. Keep in mind that if any specific parking lot gets full they will close the gates temporarily so you may end up needing to drive down to the next parking area. Also, there is really no cell service once you enter the park. I had to finish the drive and go out of the park to message Biana so remember that and plan accordingly. A one-day pass is $15 per vehicle and you do need a permit for sessions so be sure to call in advance.

Here is to these two and what is only the beginning of an extraordinary life! Keep that love alive. And if you show one another even an ounce of the love you showed at this session then life will be so good. Be happy!

"I will love you as long as the sun burns in the sky, as long as the moon shines its light into the dark night, until the raging blue oceans become calm and run dry. I will love you until the end of time."

Christy Ann Martine