Oregon Waterfalls


Let's call her Queeen Katie! While we're at it that is her insta account name so go follow it. When I met Katie, oh my gosh I was taken back by how absolutely gorgeous she was! I was so excited to photograph her and being back in Oregon was a crazy awesome plus. You really can't beat the moody colors the state brings out. All that green and waterfalls EVERYWHERE I tell ya. I was actually born in Oregon for those reading this and don't already know, so it holds a special place in my heart. Even now when I take my own babies to go visit we have certain local spots we have to hit up. It's my home. Ok, ok to be really honest my heart is torn between my home then and my home now (Colorado). They each have a piece of me and I'm good with that.

Back to Katie, just WOW! She was so sweet and whoooo could the girl move! Something I love having when working with models. Don't get me wrong, capturing the raw emotion and the moments between the moments with my couples and families will ALWAYS be my favorite. It is just a nice break to capture styled shots where I am getting new and different things I may not otherwise get to. Katie brought the fire! Not only was she as sweet as honey, but she brought the perfect amount of sass. The emotion in her shots are just amazing and I'll forever be happy we met and grateful I was around to get some moments.

*Little note because I will never leave her out... it was my bestie Sarah who set this one up! You'll be hearing her name come up more and more as I get better at these blog things. I believe this was from the very first time I flew out to meet her, more or less a stranger at the time lol. We hit it off from that very first moment and been going strong since. I hate that we don't see each other often but you better believe if she needed me I would be there in a heartbeat! Oh, she also lives in Oregon now so um bonus! Check out her info below to follow her amazing self!*

My girl Sarah mentioned above, here are just a few of her links. Check her out!

Insta: @shuttergramportraits