Imagine this!

The bride and groom lean in for their first kiss. Her dress sways back as he leans her over. Her foot pops. The salty air doesn't bother you. You've got goosebumps. You've HAD good bumps.

You're shooting from the most Iconic location in Scotland - The Old Man of Storr - spiky pinnacles of rock set against the backdrop of rolling green hills and the coastline of the Isle of Sky. 

You fist bump the adventure elopement photographer next to you. You did it. You're chasing your dream of expanding your portfolio with larger-than-life content.



June 4th - 8th, 2023


Isle of Skye, Scotland UK

What's a Content Retreat?

A styled shoot is when multiple creatives combine their time, talents, and resources to create a stunning visual concept in a photograph. Elopement photographers often do these to help make new wedding trends, but styled shoots reach far more than the scope of weddings. Our team has decided to work exclusively with vendors near Isle of Sky, including models, to keep our styled shoot as authentic as possible. 

Photographers (curious and experienced) who are seeking an adventure in the Scottish Highlands are invited to join us next June for a magical content retreat. We've partnered with Viking Adventure to help bring some of the most iconic landscapes. With 6 styled shoots in epic locations, your clients will be gawking at your content. They'll say, "we want to get married here," and you'll know exactly how to make that happen. 

The Experience

Scottish Soiree // the welcome party

A Scottish Soiree to greet you to kick off the wedding weekend. This social gathering will allow our globe-trotting team to make introductions while enjoying some favorite local dishes. 

The House of Juniper // luxury accommodations

Comfort and care will meet you in this Highland hospitality property when we stay in our hotel & lux cabins in Bradford, Isle of Sky. You will overlook the sea, mountains, and a few wee islands. Everyone is welcome here. It's truly the most magical place to be while exploring the Island. 

While we're not shooting, spend time unwinding in the steam room and sauna or head over to the on-site bar. You will either be staying in a cabin or a room in the Manse (all conveniently located within walking distance to town). We've rented out the joint. So, there will be no other guests than our team at this time. Food and lodging provided.

They have on-site cabins along with classic, deluxe, and lux rooms in The Manse. Deluxe rooms are reserved for those traveling alone, there will be individual beds in these rooms, and will potentially be sharing a room (not a bed) with another solo attendee. Lux and classic rooms will be reserved for those bringing a plus one and will have shared beds. If you are traveling with a plus one, you will have your own private room.

Networking /business besties

You will be working with Scotland's finest vendors and building relationships internationally. So while we collaborate with locals, you're instilling trust for future business. Additionally, we're pretty cool ourselves. You'll get to meet the "Ivy" team, and we can't wait to become life-long friends.

Highland Cows /other business besties

The Highland Cow (or 'Heilen Coo' in Scottish) is Scotland's most iconic breed of cattle. With their shaggy coats, long curved horns, and big eyelashes, we can't wait for you to capture an affair to remember with these new "business besties."

Adventure /the take your breath away kind

Pull up your bootstraps. We're hiking some of these iconic locations in Scotland with views that will take your breath away. If you're not "excellent" at hiking, don't stress! We'll go at our team's pace. Note: Many locations require moderate hiking (and in the summer). Be sure to dress appropriately. We'll be putting out a "packing list" soon to help. 

Where will we be shooting?

#1 The Fairy Pools

#2 The Quiring

#3 Old Man Storr

#4 The Brother's Point

#5 The Fairy Glen

#6 The Manse + Inner Sound

Our 6 styled shoots in Scotland will host 1-2 (madly in love) couples (per shoot). Plan to be on location (per location) for at least two hours. We want you to get a crazy amount of content. Boring and bland are NOT our style. Keeping traditional Scottish traditions in mind, all shoots will be unique and by switching out often every photographer will have a chance to capture from new angles.

I'm hooked. Sign me up!

What's included?


  • Housing Accommodations at House of Juniper for 3 days and 4 nights.
  • All meals, including Traditional Scottish dishses
  • 6 epic shoots in iconic locations

$800 - bring a significant other, travel buddy, or BFF (this is an addition to your package)

This is for someone that is NOT photographing. They will be able to stay in your room with you at the House of Juniper for the full 3 days and 4 nights. They can participate in our welcome party and enjoy the food as well as spend whatever downtime with you. They are not permitted to come to the shoots but will have plenty of time to explore on their own and see the majestic sites the Highlands have to offer.

This is a retreat for photographers of all levels, although we recommend being comfortable with posing and directing. It is not necessary and you are more than welcome to observe and learn from us all but having some knowledge helps. If your goals are to book some more international work this is a step in the right direction. Both Viking Adventure and I will be an open book throughout the whole process, while there is not any actual education time set aside please pick our brains at any time.

To reserve your spot, please fill out the application at the bottom of the page. This helps us to get to know you better and ensure you are getting all you envision from this retreat. Once we receive your application you will be sent your contract & invoice. You will have 24 hours to pay your deposit and reserve your spot before it becomes available again to other applicants.

Tickets are non-refundable. While they are non-refundable you are welcome to sell your ticket should you not be able to attend.


Please fill out the application below to reserve your spot and our Scotland Content Retreat!

You will be receiving a proposal via Honeybook once your application has been submitted, so please make sure your email is entered correctly. This proposal will include package specifics + your invoice. If you choose to pay through Honeybook a 3% fee will be added. You can also pay via Venmo and we will mark payments paid manually on your proposal. You will see the amount you need to pay for the deposit on the Honeybook invoice.

Venmo: @K-IversenPhoto

If you pay via Venmo, please include the note: Scotland Deposit

Your spot will not be reserved until both the contract is signed and the deposit is received. If you have any questions, you can DM me over on Instagram or send me an email at

So we can add you to our Instagram group + see all your beautiful images!

Want to bring a travel buddy, spouse, or BFF that will NOT be photographing? This is the way!

Why do you want to come to this retreat? What is your ideal market? What do you hope to see at this retreat? What's your favorite food? Which Hogwarts house are you in? Tell us everything!