Get To Know Us

Daniel & Kelsi are a part of my team, and they are incredible! Dan is a great photographer and videographer while Kelsi is my social media guru! So if you LOVE my work but either I'm not available for your date, or you are wanting MY work but for a slightly lower rate, Dan or Kelsi are both ready to help!! They are amazing and I couldn't do this without them! Dan & Kelsi are local to me in CO + travel as well! You'll coordinate with me through the booking & prepping, and Dan or Kelsi will show up to rock it on your wedding day, then final images sorted and edited to perfection by me! Fill out my contact form and mention that you are interested in more info + pricing for Dan & Kelsi!


This is the guy! He takes care of everything for me and is an incredible photographer himself. You want an arch built that is unique to your style?! He's got your back. Looking for something to show off your day at home?! He can build whatever you need! He's also not afraid to go out on the ledge to capture that absolutely perfect image for you. Dan is generally with me to pack in and out what we need for your own adventure so you don't have to lift a finger! I told you he's your guy!


This girl really is a social media guru. And it is appreciated! So much work goes into keeping up with all the apps out there and keeping in touch with you is her top priority. If you are ready for that album after your day she is our team designer. Need to get a hold of someone quick? She's got you or will track me down for you!