Astoria is so magical I had to say it twice

The U.S. is full of beautiful places and one of those is Astoria! Oregon itself is gorgeous but oh Astoria, home of the Goonies too so if you're a big fan like we are it's twice as good. I'll create another blog about some of the best Goonies spots including Canon beach (can't miss the famous ship scene!). Getting back to what we are here for today if you ever get the chance to visit just go. You will not regret it. I had the pleasure of capturing these two at The Ruins at the Astor. An absolutely beautiful venue in the heart of downtown Astoria. If you are looking for an indoor venue that is also surrounded by some of the best outdoor scenery then this is the place for you. Now, let's get to Daniel and Renae...

Ooooohhh goodness do these two have chemistry! Elopements or couple sessions are the easiest and most fun when you really show that love off. And why shouldn't you? That is your person, and you get to show that off to the world. It's such a beautiful thing to spend the day with that person, dressed up and just having a good time.

"Taste my mind,

revel in my heart

and savour my soul.

I will never give you only part of me.

You will always have all of me."


I cannot tell you enough how fantastic this venue is! It is called the Ruins for a reason so remember that. You can not only get a great area done and set up but there are exposed walls with brick, chipped paint walls as well, and areas that are not put together in the sense of being "done". But oh my gosh the images you can capture in a building like this. And I'll get into all the great locations on another blog but I will say that you can step out the door and seriously have a small-town vibe and so many things within walking distance. It's such a perfect place to say "I do", and begin your journey as husband and wife.