The In's and Outs

What you’ll get: more than just a “service” to you. An experience + a friend! From FaceTime chats / phone calls, texting me pictures of inspo just for fun – to a full guide of tips and tricks, questionnaires and timeline creations – crying behind my camera on your wedding day, and THEN delivering your gallery after being the upmost perfectionist while sorting and editing every individual image – and then lastly, to being your gal for life.

What you won’t get: Just a “book-sign-pay-shoot-deliver-bye” experience.

If you're looking for an advocate, cheerleader, decor opinion lover, freaks out seeing a picture of your wedding dress / suit type friend, then we’re going to be the best fit and I’m already stoked!!

Here is a little bit about what you get when hiring me as your photographer: I’m going to freaking love you and be your biggest fan!!! I’ll be telling you how dang cute you guys are (yes I already know this!) AND there is no such thing as being “bad at this”! I get that may sound terrifying to you because you may be thinking “no but really, we are awkward. So all of her couples must just be so natural in front of the camera already.” NOPE. Very rarely in fact. 95% of my couples have never done a professional photoshoot together! The way I guide and direct is aimed to make you realize + feel that you guys totally got this and that there is nothing to it, because you do! The images you see in my portfolio isn’t me somehow making them look natural when they’re actually not, and it’s also not that they just ARE already natural and therefore don’t count. It’s that I read their connection and what their love looks like, and I play off of that! If you are so called awkward, then SWEET! Most people cope with feeling awkward by laughing at themselves, THAT is what I’ll be capturing! If you are super shy, then GREAT, Most people cope with that by squeezing their comfort zone tightly (your person!) THAT is what I’ll be capturing! Get where I’m going with it!? I’m not going to try to mold you into models and pose you specifically from head to toe, I’m going to embrace who you two are and whatever it is you love about each other and TRUST ME we’re going to create magic while I’m still guiding you every step of the way!

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My husband, Daniel, and I offer a discounted rate and other perks when booking us both together that you wouldn't get booking two separate companies! You could say we know each other pretty well haha, we know how to work together on wedding days to create a seamless experience. We also try to represent our styles cohesively! You won't have a completely different feel to your video compared to your images, just another reason that's awesome about hiring a team!