Sunset Portraits at Cannon

Beach portraits during vacation are some of my favorite things. Beach portraits with a gorgeous gal make memories in Oregon that much sweeter. I met up with this beauty on a gorgeous evening, and she made Cannon look even better than usual!

My incredible friend, yes, Sarah... you hear about her a lot. She is the best travel partner and the girl can hook IT up! And as always she had the best outfits picked out for our beauty. Our girl did bring that suit and it was...WOW just really stunning. While I love to capture each unique quality from my clients there are some things that just work so well when listening to your photographer. Golden light for one, there is a reason it is my camera's best friend.

As the light began to melt from golden to all the pretty chalky shades of pastel we shifted from one outfit to the next. Both outfits worked so well and we got more than enough that we decided to go for it with the swimsuit. Always, always bring at least one piece of clothing that YOU love. The day turned out to be so perfect that I am still loving it years later.

"She beats to the beauty of her wildflower heart and seashore soul."

Angie Weiland-Crosby