bonneville, utah engagement | savannah + gavyn

savannah + gavyn

If you have ever been to the salt flats in Bonneville then you will know you can plan for the day as best you can and still not be ready for it. We expected wind but we were not prepared for what that beautiful open landscape had in store for us. We weren't going to let it stop us though! I had driven through the night from Colorado, Savannah and Gavyn had also come several hours away to be there at sunrise. I have never photographed a couple more willing to tough it out and entrusting me to capture some pretty epic images.

They were troopers, moving with the wind the best they could while I was using car doors (which a few times closed on me...ouch) to try and keep any amount of wind away. When that didn't work we just went for it. You couldn't hardly hear one another so everything these two did was completely on their own. The love for one another just pours out!