Cimarron, colorado


There is always something new to discover in your own back yard! That's how we found this little place and it was only twenty minutes from my front door. How fantastic is that?! You'll find that around my house. You can pretty much walk out your door and have a gorgeous background just waiting for you. That's what these two did, we met in the middle of our two places and found this perfect little place.

The Cimarron is always a go to for me. It's got water, bridges, mountains... you name it! I gotta say when Samantha threw on that beautiful red jacket I went a little nuts. She had the perfect outfit for the spot! And her fiancé seemed to love it as well. They are a beautiful couple <3 It is my absolute favorite to photograph a couple so in love and not afraid to show it.

Cody held his girl tight, spun her around and even picked her up. These two are going to build such a fun and fantastic life. Laughing and loving... what is more magical?

"It's so hard for me to put you into words because I love you in ways I have never loved anyone else."