dillon, colorado

tia + crockett

Colorado, home base for me, has some of the most beautiful scenery in the world! Take my word for it, I've been to many places and not much beats what we have around here. Every season brings something new in these parts, so whether you are looking for warm and wildflowers or enjoy more of the winter wonderland we can hook you up!

Tia & Crockett came for a visit to my neck of the woods and had heard of the Ice Castles we have in Dillon. They wanted to capture some moments playing around in the gorgeous Colorado winter. They got in some great skiing while on vacation (can get you set up for that too!), then close to the end of their stay we met up to photograph this fantastic place.

When I walked up it was instant fun with these two! They share so much love and aren't afraid to show it, my favorite kind of session to be sure. And with an incredible background how could we go wrong?! We couldn't. Every image was breathtaking! I will be looking forward to working with these two again in the future. Hopefully, I get over to Tennessee soon. While I love Colorado I also LOVE to travel! And I would travel immediately to hang with these two. They were so much fun and have an incredible story. To make a long story short, met in the military and never let go of one another.

"And it seemed to her that time stopped, that her body melted into his as if she were without nerve or bone or will, and his kiss was like fire and ice on her lips."

Marion Zimmer