St. George, UTah | Crystal & Sean

Crystal + Sean

It's pretty amazing when you go to a new place, new locations and end up finding people like Crystal & Sean! Their love is so pure and their story is beautiful. They are the perfect example of change within a marriage, growing together and still holding that love and appreciation for one another. This is what I so enjoy capturing! A couple together so in love years after marriage, it is a blessing to see. We all grow and we change with that growth and to have someone by your side loving you through that change is so important. It can be scary sometimes... change... it's a word we don't always want to use in fear of that change actually coming into existence. But it is essential in our lives and if you are lucky enough, like these two, to find that partner who walks side by side with you through this whirlwind of a thing we call life... hold on to it. Hold on to them

& Love them fiercely.