Montrose, Colorado


Ok, first off, is her name not absolutely beautiful?! And that red hair is to DIE for! I love photographing seniors, they are each so unique and each session we try to bring out the individuality from every one of these fantastic humans.

Eden brought her own uniqueness to her shoot and I'm so glad she did. We started out in the Montrose area getting some of that old town urban vibes before heading into the mountains. This girl is so versatile in that she can completely pull off that city look and then jump in the car switch it up and we got ourselves a mountain princess!

Personalities are what I want us to capture the most. It's always a compliment to me and to my senior when mom or dad says something along the line of how we captured them so well. How in an image they are excited to see the real smile from their child or how the senior came alive and out of their shell while in front of the camera. Take from me, sometimes that's difficult to do. Our first instinct is to shy away, it can be uncomfortable trying to yourself when a camera is clicking in your face.

The first thing I do is start to get know you as an individual. What are the real life things that make you genuinely happy? We are gonna dig in, chat and let loose so yo can be yourself with me. That's the fun part! We aren't just meeting up and capturing your photos we are meeting up and capturing YOU!

Eden, you brought it girl!