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One of the great things about photographs is the ability to look back and see where you have come from. These images are one of those times! While the images themselves are beautiful and the experience was phenomenal I made a whoopsie... to be fair I didn't know it was an issue until later on. I was still a newbie so I cut myself some slack and made do with what I had captured. What was the problem you may ask? Well here is a tip folks, if you really want to be a photographer don't shoot in jpeg format. You may look at these and go well what is the problem really... these look great. It took a lot of time to fix them.

See, when shooting in jpeg you will not have near the capability of playing with your photo (editing) like you would when in raw. Jpeg is ready to print as is and while it's great to be at the point where one would do this I find myself more times than not needing to add just a little extra something, something ;) Each image, for me anyways requires just a bit more POP to get that really crazy good feel. They just don't feel done to me until I have had the chance to perfect and create what is my artistic vision.

I was on the fence on whether to share these or not, and after talking with my sister and her having some good points I decided, sure why not!? It does go to show how much I have learned, what I have come from and still I try push my own boundaries. I've gone from shooting in JPEG and not being able to use much creativity because of that to now offering video during my sessions. That's a leap right there! Point to all this... take it in, don't give up, push yourself to get better and someday you'll be writing a blog about it.

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