Grand junction, colorado


It is said time and time again how quickly our children grow. And it is beyond true. One day they need you for absolutely everything and the next they don't need to grab your hand when crossing the street. It also rings true when they say, "it takes a village." While I watch my own littles grow far too quickly I also see nephews, nieces and other babes becoming big kids and then young adults. We help where we can and we are able to share in all the tears and joy from watching them become these grown humans.

This little guy turned two today and to celebrate that (and being the nephew to yours truly), we of course had a mini photo shoot! The cool thing was that while I do my best to remember every niece and nephew, there are a lot of them now, I almost forgot what date it was. So... in true photographer fashion when in doubt create something easy. I am so glad my sister had an idea already in mind so in less then two hours we put together what you see below.

Aiden, is one of the happiest little guys you will ever meet. This kid always has a smile on his face, and will go anywhere with his aunties. He could honestly make anyone's heart melt. There will be things that will be missed as he grows, such as the way he says, "tank you", or hugs you sooo tight you never want to let him go, but during the growth we get to see the blessings.

Happy, happy birthday little buddy!

"Little boys should never be sent to bed, they always wake up a day older"

Peter Pan