Grand Junction, COlorado

kayla & chris + rainbow baby

I will never claim to understand that feeling of losing what could have been... but I will say it is an incredible feeling to see a couple realize they have beat the odds! This was my second capture of a rainbow maternity sessions and it is AMAZING! There is already so much love and possibility with a new baby and when you think there couldn't be more to love... bam... rainbow baby <3

Kayla and Chris had tried for four years and went through so much (shots suck!). On top of the shots and other medications they experienced two losses and an ectopic to finally get to where they are now. When they got to the safe zone we planned out a fun and relaxing maternity session. The not so relaxing part is after a few little bumps in the road we ended up at the most random tiny little area right off the road. It's a classic what you see vs what I see scenario and it worked out perfectly in every way. We got so lucky with the wildflowers and the greenery and the beautiful dress. It could not have turned out better! You'll see below for yourself...

"Life's biggest miracle is the gift of having life growing inside of you."