colorado family session

hatch family

It is such a small world when we really sit and think about it. While it is large and with so many things to see I am always amazed at the people you can meet just down your street. This is the case with the Hatch family! Mysha found me after the birth of her second daughter where I photographed them all for the first time at their home. They have the most gorgeous place and Mysha is quite the decorator, so the backgrounds were perfect for an in home family session. However, that's not the session shared today. What I find crazy is not long after that first session we moved from our home in another town and bought property in the country... only to find out the second time I went to photograph the Hatch family we were neighbors! (Well technically their own family members live right next door to us and they are next to them). Still very, very close! So like I said above small world indeed.

The family session shared today was out on their own property and it was the closest I've ever gone for a session (minus my own in home studio session). They have seriously such a beautiful place and are the sweetest people. The girls are too cute and when I see them and get to photograph them with mom and dad it is simply the most perfect little moments. Of course every kiddo has a their own unique personality but these two... oh my goodness I could photograph them ALL day! They get so happy and show such emotion it's beautiful. It has been a blessing watching the family grow and I'm so happy to know each of them.

"There are two gifts we should give our children; One is roots, and the other is wings."