Kate + Levi

You know what I love? Snow sessions! Yes, I do get over the snow here in Colorado but oh my goodness the moments you capture in the cold. Couples tend to be more cuddly (duh! You gotta keep warm right?!) and we try to keep moving which makes for more incredible photos. Our western slope side of Colorado is truly a hidden gem and we wouldn't want it any other way. Kate & Levi trusted us to head over the mountain to some absolutely breathtaking locations and it was so worth the little bit of a drive. When you book a session we want you to be yourselves, to show your own love off to the world. And that's exactly what these two did! Do we give prompts? Of course! But it's the in between, and the real life moments we want to see.

Snow + the gorgeous San Juan Mountains always = magic.

Living in and based out of Colorado we have a few tips for you on preparing for your session in the snow. First and most obvious... dress for the weather! This does not mean that we can't change or throw jackets off for that awesome more styled shot but you want to have what you actually need with you or on you. Let's dive in!

1. Dress Appropriately

It may seem like an obvious tip but it does get forgotten and, since this is my most important advice for those preparing for a winter session, we gotta start with it! Here in Colorado, the winter can come with REALLY cold temperatures. While they can often remain mild, I like to make sure clients understand that this state has a mind of its own when it comes to weather. I often compare it to moods of my teenage daughters lol. So just be ready. We recommend:

  • Form fitting jackets that flatter the figure
  • Sweaters / layers
  • Scarves
  • Boots
  • Warm socks
  • Gloves and/or hats

Lastly, wearing warmer clothing just … makes sense! It looks natural to be wearing what you would when actually out in the snow so bundle up and look cute at the same time!

2. Bring Extra Layers

Bring a super warm jacket, snow boots, a scarf and gloves, and/or a blanket to your session, even if you don’t plan to wear or use them for the photos! We'll keep you moving as much as possible but try to stay warm as long as possible and between poses when shooting. If there is a bit of a walk to your location, or you are changing locations, you will want to be able to bundle up during these in between moments. When it’s time to actually shoot, you can then take off the extra layers at the very last minute!

3. Hand / Foot Warmers

This one right here is the best trick : ) Put those foot warmers in your shoes or boots, as well as hand warmers in your gloves! No one will be able to tell in the photos and you will get an added boost of warmth! If you plan on wearing a longer dress for your winter session, we also recommend wearing warm leggings underneath, no one will be able to tell and you'll be happy you did.

4. Relax

This is a tip for photo sessions AND any other time you find yourself outside in the cold! Our body’s immediate reaction to cold temperatures is to tense up … and then to begin shivering. If you can relax your shoulders, take slower and deeper breaths, and make a conscious effort to simply relax your body, I promise you, you'll feel better and and quite a bit warmer.

5. Be Flexible

If the weather is too cold, or the wind too strong, it is always an option to consider rescheduling your session. We tell our own clients to consider a reschedule if the temperature drops below 20º, this includes the wind chill. If you are too cold during your session, the truth is you will not enjoy it. It can be more challenging to relax, smile naturally, and avoid tense body language when you are absolutely freezing! Remain flexible and work with your photographer to choose a time that is best for your situation, photos, and experience.

Now that you have some awesome tips to prepare for the snow and really the cold weather in general let's take a moment and look at these two gorgeous humans! I loved Kate's dress choice sooooo much!!! While whites and creams can be fun I so enjoyed the pop of color in this winter wonderland. These two were amazing and show how easy it can be when using prompts to simply move around and enjoy your time together. I highly recommend planning an evening out after your session. You're all dolled up and feeling good, so why not? It makes for a perfect date day!

"Live for the moments you can't put into words"